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Finance & Banking

Organizations of any size frequently require documents, presentations, meetings and speeches in multiple languages, and financial companies are no different.


A multilingual approach is a must if you want to expand globally, introduce a new service, cultivate new business relationships, or even communicate with your own employees overseas. And to attract and retain customers, financial organizations around the world must meet the translation needs of a diverse customer base that increasingly relies on communicating in their own language.



Eurabic provides financial translation services that are delivered quickly and cost-effectively allowing the flow of natural communication with your customer. From cross-border transactions to information memoranda and regulatory documents and  from procedure manuals to annual reports and servicing documents, we provide customized financial translations that are timely, accurate, and customer-service driven.



Our financial translations services includes:


- Financial prospectus and reports

- Financial glossaries and manuals

- Income sheets balance sheets and cash flow statements translated into layman's terms

- Insurance documents

- Auditor reports

- Public offerings

- Shareholders' agreements

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