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In an increasingly globalized world, marketing and advertising tools are becoming crucial to compete in the market. If you want to commercialize and advertise your company around the globe, you need to communicate properly with your clients.

If you need a legal translation of a contract or other legal document either into or from a foreign language, absolute accuracy is called for because so much is riding on each word.


We understand that your contracts, briefs, prenuptial agreements, summonses, litigation documents, evidentiary tapes — all your legal translations — have to be perfect because your reputation and ours are at stake.


That's why our legal translation company promises confidentiality, precision, attention to detail, and timely delivery of your translated documents.


Legal Industry Translation Services are Available in the Areas of:


- Antitrust and FCPA

- Arbitration

- Bankruptcy

- Corporate Law

- Criminal Law

- Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery) Law

- Energy, Oil and Gas Law

- Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts

- Family Law

- Franchises

- Immigration Law

- Insurance Law

- Intellectual Property Law

- International Law

- Labor and Employment Law

- Lender Liability

- Libel / Slander

- Litigation

- Medical Malpractice

- Mergers & Acquisitions

- Patents, Trademark & Copyright

- Product Liability

- Real Estate Law

- Renewable & Alternative Energy Law

- Tax law

- Workers' Compensation


Legal Translator Teams


Our legal translators are carefully chosen and tested to ensure that only suitably qualified professional translators, editors and reviewers are staffed to your projects, ensuring that even very complex legal information is conveyed accurately.


Our legal translator selection procedures and continuous monitoring process ensure that your legal translation project is staffed with the best resources in the legal arena. Rigorous translator testing and evaluation procedures combined with careful project monitoring enable us to deliver a clear, effective legal translation.


Legal terminology


All translators have access to translation glossaries, dictionaries and industry specific terminology tools, ensuring that our translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects.


Our extensive terminology includes such key subject areas as:


- International law (Common and Civil law jurisdictions)

- Contract law

- Maritime law

- Tax law

- Property law

- Insurance law

- Criminal law

- Corporate law

- Commercial law


Each of our professional translators specializes in a chosen language translation services field. This means translations of any types and styles are available at Eurabic.

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