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Life Sciences

As developments continue within the industry, with the introduction of new medical devices, ever changing compliance requirements, introduction of new drugs, and implementation of clinical trials, life sciences organizations require a language services partner with the expertise and breadth of experience to successfully produce high quality, expert level translations while adding value to their bottom line.


Companies in the life sciences industry from pharmaceutical and biotech companies to medical device and healthcare providers face a multitude of challenges when entering global markets. Some of these include complying with increasing regulatory requirements, the need for highly accurate translations, shortening product lifecycles, driving down costs, and improving service provider and patient interactions.


Accurate, consistent translation


Eurabic delivers:

- Accurate translations with built-in quality assurance

- Subject matter experts well versed in industry-specific terminology

- Accurate translations for contents including product information, web elements, training, customer support and human resources

- Streamlined internal and external translation review process

- Improved translation outsourcing processes


Types of medical documents we translate

-Adverse Events

-Case Report Forms (CRF)

-Clinical Protocols

-Clinical Trials


-CRA Training Materials & Videos

-Data Sheets


-Drug Registration Documentation

-Informed Consent Forms

-Instructions for Use (IFU)

-Investigator Brochures


-Manufacturing Process Descriptions

-Master Batch Records and Deviation Reports

-Marketing Collateral

-Multimedia audio and visual

-NDA and IND

-Package Inserts and Labels

-Patient Information

-Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

-Patient Recruitment Materials

-Pharmacological Studies

-Product Labels

-Production Manuals



-Quality of Life (QoL) measures

-Rater Scales

-Regulatory Audit

-Regulatory Documents

-SAE and SOP Procedures

-Scientific Journal Articles

-Software and Hardware

-Toxicology Reports

-Corporate Websites and Portals

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