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Literary translation services are crucial when ensuring that authors are able to convey their intended messages and themes to their international audiences. At Eurabic, we are committed to provide our clients with accurate, reliable literary translations in a cost-effective, deadline-oriented manner.


• Do you want to increase readership and profitability by distributing books and short stories in other languages and in other countries around the world?


• Are you introducing a new product or service?


• Do you want to cultivate new relationships in foreign countries?


• Are you looking for new sources of revenue?


Types of Literary Translation Services


Eurabic performs literary translations in over 70 different languages. Our commitment to excellence and accuracy is strengthened by our versatility, as we meet a variety of literary translation needs for both fiction and non-fiction texts. Some of the various types of literary translations we perform include:


- Blogs

- Books

- Comics

- Essays and poems

- Magazine articles

- Newspaper features

- Research papers

- Screenplays

- Short stories


We can publish any of the above literary translation texts both online and in print form, depending on your individual needs.


Literary Translation - How Much Will it Cost?


The cost of your literary translation project depends upon the following criteria:


• Language combination

• Number of source or target words

• Length of the document

• Format of the document

• Time in which it needs to be completed


Ensuring Literary Translation Accuracy


To guarantee the accuracy of our literary translations, we, at Eurabic, pair each of our clients with a professional, native-speaking translator who also has specific knowledge, an educational background and/or professional experience that supports the given literary need.

Our Quality Assurance Process ensures that each literary translation we generate is true to its original content and meaning, as our translators accurately incorporate the proper words, appropriate tones and necessary formatting within the greater cultural context in which the text will be read.

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