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Public Sector

The public sector isn't quite like other sectors, so we provide specialist translators who really understand it.


The public sector is a vast and complex area of work, and that's why we provide our public sector clients with specialist translators who've already worked on projects within this arena. The results speak for themselves: clear, accurate and engaging translations that help organisations to really connect with their audiences, whoever that audience might be.


Our experience includes working with people from different ethnic, religious and cultural groups and backgrounds, always using insight and sensitivity to provide a thoroughly professional service. What's more, we're able to work in almost every major world language and with source material provided in every media, format or software program: just one more testimony to the scale and flexibility of our skills and resources.


We provide translation for a wide variety of documents and websites:


-  General documents

-  Annual Reports in Irish

-  Policy documents

-  Welfare documentation

-  Website translation

-  Legal documents / certificates

-  Medical document translation for health department reviews and claims


Managing Costs and Budgets

We work very closely with our public sector translation clients to help you get the maximum from your translation budgets. With public sector translation, quality and accuracy is of upmost importance. We have strict quality procedures in place for our translators and we utilize the latest terminology tools to ensure the accuracy of your documents every time in every language.


Quality and Value

We store all our clients' terminology, translation and previous documents so that we can use them as reference for future projects. This ensures that your documents are consistent with current publications and legislation. This Government Translation memory system enables us to deliver consistent quality and the best value for your translation budget.


Ensuring Quality

At Eurabic we understand the demand on public sector documentation requirements. Our quality systems, translation process and archiving system means we give our clients confidence in their translated world. When precision and accuracy count let Eurabic help you deliver your document translation.

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