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Advancements in telecommunications technology continue to expand market opportunities worldwide, increasing consumer demand for service-oriented telecom firms that offer online assistive technology and simplified technical documentation in local languages.


Telecom firms are exporting new technologies abroad in an effort to tap and expand into new and unsaturated markets.


To stay competitive, these telecommunications companies must accurately address consumer issues through easily referenced technical translations designed to effectively communicate with foreign language audiences. Correctly translated and localized telecom products, user manuals, and online help establish a loyal foreign consumer base, accommodating their linguistic needs.


Because of this new, worldwide scope, it is important for telecom professionals to make manuals, diagrams, and other technical documents available in other languages. Eurabic is a full-service translation company that specializes in translations for the telecommunications industry, as well as other technology sector businesses.


At Eurabic, we understand that the telecommunications industry is extremely specialized, so we have translators on hand with the right background. They have the translation expertise we require and the telecom industry knowledge you rely on. You’ll never have to worry about “educating” your translator about the technical aspects of your critical documents—this ensures the highest quality possible translation. We can translate webpages, offline documents, and even localize cell phones, PDAs and other devices in over 70 languages.


Here are some other examples of telecom-related documents you may need to have translated:


-  Training manuals

-  Phone manuals

-  Request For Proposal/Quote (RFP/RFQ)

-  Technical bulletins

-  CD-ROMs

-  Electronic database files

-  Online “Help” files

-  Marketing brochures

-  Corporate websites

-  White papers

-  ISO 9000/QS 9000 manuals

-  CAD or CAM files

-  Catalogs


At Eurabic, making sure that each telecommunications translation we provide is accurate is our first priority, because poorly translated materials and corrupted text waste your time, resources, and opportunities. Our high standards of quality assurance guarantee that you’ll have professional, accurate telecom translation, transcreation, localization and desktop publishing services every time.

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